giglio trasparente minThe art under the roof comes from the passion for decoration and for ceramics Michela.

After an experience of about 5 years in the world of decoration on porcelain and ceramics, Michela approaches to modeling, discovering a great talent for creating jewelry pottery and porcelain.

Thus, in addition to the trend of painting third fire on enamel, deepen other decorative techniques: the graffiti, the mosaic, the use of glazes, engobes of, of underglaze and overglaze, the neriash, the technique of the lands sealed and the effect window.

In recent work these techniques have been particularly evident in the line of jewelry, particularly appreciated for its originality and for the customization of every possible job in the colors, shapes and assembly more or less valuable.

Clay is a natural element who can get different shape, from the most simple to the most complicated. The artist put into it his personality, works out and personalizes techniques and gets them unique in the way they are used. The comparison with others artists and the contribution of people, who came to the ceramist with an idea into their hearts to make it real, are the most important sources of inspiration and nourishment.

The artist’s stile is always in tumult …. When it gets still …. Then it gets dead.


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